Virtual Points Manager (VPM)

VPM is now FREE!
VPM is now FREE and is a full version points management/league management system for Nascar Racing 2003 Season. It will allow for unlimited series and unlimited races to be managed at once. You will have access to the driver dashboard to enable/disable drivers in your league and a few other options needed to operate the system. I'm really trying to give back to the community and provide a nice piece of software for everybody to use. If you like what you see in the free version support my dev time on this and DONATE whatever you can. Thank you.


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About VPM

VPM is a points management/league management system for Nascar Racing 2003 Season. I have spent the past 8+ years on and off working on it and adding features along the way. I have had several requests from people to make it available to the public and after much debating I'm going to do so finally.

I've had a few leagues using it for several years without much issue, but I have included a suggestion box area within the system that emails me directly for any features that need to be added or improved upon. I'm not going to spend forever creating a website to sale the product. If you are here then you know what you are wanting it for.

Please see below for highlights and screenshots of the system itself and what it's capable of before purchasing your access to it. There is also a demo available below.

If you're ready to purchase just click here or scroll to the bottom and choose the way you want to pay. Thank you.

If you have more questions email Brandon.

  • Custom Point System
  • Custom Money System
  • Newsletter System
  • Private Message System
  • Setup Sharing System
  • Driver Rating System
  • Full Results System
  • Car File System
  • Track Record System
  • Race Calendar
  • League Overview Page

All VPM instances that are sold are hosted on a dedicated server with daily offsite backups in place for the league's database.

I have a demo online of the admin panel itself. It resets twice a day via a cron job so it wipes the data every 12 hours.

Username: admin
Password: admin
(Check the Admin Login checkbox to go to the admin panel.)

Launch Demo

VPM Screenshots